Mooti is the new standard for cryptographic identification and validation. Based on our Identity Chain technology, we are reimagining the security of personally identifiable information and authentication.

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What we offer

  • Trust Authorities

    Attest to verified claims about your customers. Issue and revoke digital tokens to your customers which represent your attested claims. The system can be used for privately for employees, vendors, contractors, or customers in a loyalty programs.

  • Businesses

    Easily verify claims about your customer such as "Over 21 Years Old" to remain in compliance. Store cryptographic proofs instead of valuable data that can be stolen and reduce your liability and information security compliance requirements.

  • Cryptographically Secure

    Using Identity Chains, our platform leverages blockchain technology to secure and provide a simple way to validate claims. We emphasize usage of Elliptic Curve Cryptography around EdDSA and Curve25519 but remain compatible with secp256k1.

  • Lightweight

    Mooti clients are designed to be lightweight and deployable on the majority of smart phones and devices.

  • Enhanced Data Privacy

    Mooti obfuscates the sender and receiver of these claims as they are transmitted over the network to facilitate enhanced privacy. If a business is compromised and your claims are stolen, there is no way to link that back to you or reuse those claims.

  • Interoperable

    Combine claims from different identity providers to increase confidence of the verification.

Our Advisers

  • Prof. Dr. John Casti

    PhD in Mathematics at the University of Southern California. He worked at the RAND Corporation, and served as a professor at Princeton and New York University. Research member at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Vienna, Austria. He has published eight technical monographs in the area of system theory and mathematical modeling, as well as 12 volumes of popular science, including Paradigms Lost, Complexification, Would­Be Worlds, The Cambridge Quintet, and Mood Matters. Dr. Casti is currently Director of The X­Center, a private research institute in Vienna focusing on the development of tools for anticipation of extreme events in human society. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprise at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New York.

    Aleksander Nowak

    Immersed in the cryptocurrency space since 2011 having worked on numerous alternative currency projects, Aleks now sits on numerous high level crypto-currency working groups focused on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. He´s also the CIO of

  • Prof. Scott Bradner

    Scott has been involved in the design, operation and use of data networks at Harvard University since the early days of the ARPANET. Mr. Bradner served in a number of roles in the IETF. Mr. Bradner is a Senior Technical Consultant in the Office of the Harvard University CTO. His job includes work in the area of identity management as well as exploring, developing and upgrading technology at Harvard, monitoring changing technology trends and exploring their potential for use at Harvard. Scott also co­authored multiple IETF RFCs and Internet Drafts as well as published numerous papers.

    Rik Willard

    A digital media pioneer and thought leader focused on the emerging "Internet of Value"​, where the convergence of payments, security and the Internet of Things will greatly influence critical aspects of global business and personal value in the near- and long-term. Just as money drives business today, new forms of value will begin to take shape based on the digital currency movement and significantly alter our definitions of value to better suit our interconnected world.

  • Dr. Gavin Wood

    MEng in Computer Systems and Software Engineering and PhD in Computer Science (Music Visualisation for Human Computer Interfacing.) Wrote the first implementation of Ethereum and invented Solidity programming language as well as wrote the Yellow Paper. Adviser for ID2020, an ambitious project set to alleviate the many grievous problems stemming from ineffective or non­existing identity systems, especially in the developing world.

    Jacob Dienelt

    Founding Partner of Immutable Data Partners, a Blockchain / Ethereum technology and product concept consultancy. Advisor to Coindesk, Airbitz, EtherParty, and Blockchain Health. Formerly Treasurer at Factom, Blockchain Architect at itBit, and Trader at Morgan Stanley.

    Chris Webber

    With 20 years brand experience in web/broadcast and advertising, chris has worked for major globally recognised clients and individuals and has been in the fintech and blockchain space since 2012.

  • Poramin Insom

    MSc in Security Informatics from Johns Hopkins University. First implementer of Zerocoin, Stealth Address and OpenAsset in Bitcoin Core code. Co­founder of Satoshift, Bitcoin wallet service provider in Thailand. Blockchain developer and cryptographic implementer.

    Mali Marafini

    CEO-Founder of Interruptiv. Startup Advisor and Mentor at Level39 Incubator, Startup Bootcamp Fintech, Seedcamp, and Techstars. Formerly held roles at Credit Suisse, HSBC, Deutche Bank, JP Morgan, ABN Amro, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and IBM.


    Blockchain consulting group based in Korea specializing in education of technical concepts

    Jonathan Mohan

    Co­Founder of Bitcoin NYC, Advisor to Factom, and was a founding contributor at Ethereum.

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